1. The Ellies

    Kohtler Elevator Industries has been nominated for the Ellis Awards within the "Best Supplier – Cabs/Doors"  category…Read More

  2. Elevator Cabs

    Manufacturing Perfection

    It might sound like a bold word, but perfection is exactly what you want in an elevator. From complete safety and smooth running, to attractive materials and reliable user interface technology, the more perfect your elevator experience can be, the better it is for everyone. Your visitors or customers will feel far better using a modern, high quality elevator system, with new Elevator Cabs, attract…Read More

  3. Elevator Cabs

    When Will Corporate Offices Open Again?

    Although this an unprecedented time in history, with so many offices and businesses shut until further notice, there will come a day when everything reopens, and we all need to be ready for this. When considering your elevator systems, it is important that your Elevator Cabs, elevator doors and mechanisms are running smoothly and looking their best. Elevator panels might need replacing, or whole n…Read More

  4. Elevator Cabs

    Walking Into Comfort

    When we visit a corporate office, shopping mall, hospital or any other kind of building, we usually assume the elevators will be working and safe to use. Whether we are regular workers or visitors for business, recreation or medical issues, there is no reason why the elevators should not feel comfortable and even luxurious. This can give a much better experience, reflects well on the company, and …Read More

  5. Elevator Manufacturer Company

    Kohtler Elevator Industries, Inc. the smart decision

    If you’re looking for a dedicated Elevator Manufacturer or elevator products, then our long-established business run by a passionate team can take you to the next level. Whether it’s elevator cabs, an elevator entrance or an entire elevator system you need, we are here to understand your requirements and deliver the most committed service you could wish for. Our attention to detail works at ev…Read More

  6. Elevator Cabs

    Innovation That Inspires

    When you’re running a business or organization then you want to be performing well and projecting the right message, while also delivering the service and appropriate experience for all the people who are in contact with it. This extends to all the decisions which need to be made, including practicalities such as which elevators to use. An Elevator Door Manufacturer must keep safety and great fu…Read More

  7. Elevator Door Manufacturer

    Do You Feel Safe In An Elevator?

    Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about elevators, but for those of us who design and install them, we are naturally interested in every detail. The most important aspect must always be the safety, and this is something which can never be compromised on. In fact, you really want to be exceeding safety standards wherever possible, and this can apply to all aspects of the design, cons…Read More

  8. Elevator Cabs

    Higher Standards Build Better Corporations

    When you think about elevators, you could be forgiven for not getting too excited about the design and craftsmanship of the various components, including Elevator Panels, elevator cabs and the standards of the elevator door manufacturer. For most people an elevator is a practical and useful way of moving around a building, and so long as it’s functional then there’s nothing more to consider. Y…Read More

  9. Kohtler Elevator Industries, Inc.

    Inside The Story of A Family Business Takeover

    When a business remains in the family for generations, you will likely feel a mix of pride and pressure to take over the company. After all, you probably have the same entrepreneurial drive and it can be a great way to jumpstart your career path. Should you start your own company or take over the family business? Both come with their own sets of pros and cons. With more than 20 years of experienc…Read More

  10. Elevator Cab Interiors

    Going Up and Coming Down

    People sometimes take elevators for granted. After all, they’re just doing their job, going up and down. Yet when you are planning to install a new elevator system, or replace elevator cabs, there are many considerations to take into account. How do the doors, elevator panels and Elevator Cab Interiors reflect the atmosphere or ethos of the company or organization? Do they convey a sense of trus…Read More