Easy to sell. Easy to ship.

Kohlter can partner with dealers to provide products and materials for cab builds and renovations in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Best of all, we can ship directly to your client to save you time and labor.

Here's the deal...

We know your name rests on our products, which is why we put our energy into ensuring our products are the best in the industry. Before anything ships out, we meticulously inspect our products to ensure everything is made to exacting standards and is free of defects and flaws.

Timing is everything…

We understand the importance of getting your clients the materials they need on time. At Kohtler, we offer a four-week turnaround time for doors and a six-week turnaround for cabs, and we can ship directly to your clients. If we encounter any delays, we will communicate with you ahead of time so there are no surprises.

Coming from all sides

Introducing Vers@ Quick—our dealers’ favorite product!

Whether you need a door for the left side or the right, Vers@ Quick fits the bill. It can work on either side, offering a versatile solution.

High-touch Service

Our dealers are more than numbers, they are our business partners. We believe each client is unique, and we pride ourselves on creating strong relationships. We personally take care of each client to meet their needs, from troubleshooting to in-person visits. We are here to make their lives as easy as possible.