Kohtler Elevator Industries offer custom-made elevator cabs and entrances of the highest quality in a wide variety of designs, structural variations, and finishes. An extensive selection of walls, ceilings, handrails, fixtures, and materials, such as glass, wood, stainless steel, bronze, and more, are available to accommodate your needs. We have the elevator cabs you desire, from functional stainless steel and metal cabs to the most luxurious wood and glass designs.


Kohtler Elevator Industries carry beautiful elevator cabs that are outstandingly well-constructed and offer many advantages.

Kohtler Elevator Industries offers independent contractors and design professionals an extraordinary selection of elevator cabs to address any situation. Our computer numerically controlled machinery is used in the manufacture of all types of cabs. Even our wood core elevator cabs are manufactured this way. Landing’s commercial passenger cab line offers an unlimited variety of aesthetic features for use in office complexes, apartment buildings, hospitals, and more.


All elevator entrances are manufactured on numerically controlled punch press equipment, shearing equipment, and press breaks connected by a computer network to the engineering department for ultimate quality control.

Kohtler Elevator Industries manufactures different types of elevator entrances: grout less, standard, and unistruth with different types of openings: single slide, center opening one speed, or single slide two speed.

All Kohtler’s Door Entrances are UL in-plant inspected and labeled, certifying compliance with the ANSI A17.1, the elevator and escalator safety code.

Door Panels

Kohtler Elevator Industries manufactures “Commercial Leveled Grade” carbon steel of 14 gauge minimum thicknesses. Doors are rated for 1-1/2 hour fire resistance and UL labeled accordingly and can be clad with stainless or bronze sheet when required.