1. Is Jumping In An Elevator Unsafe? Our Elevator Company Explains

    We’ve all thought about it. As the elevator door closes to descend, that moment of dropping provides the perfect chance to improve your understanding of physics. The concept of jumping in a moving elevator has fascinated people since the early days, capturing our imagination and pushing the boundaries on daily travel and convenience. While jumping up and down in a moving elevator cab may sound g…Read More

  2. The Many Elevator Part Upgrades For Your Elevator Cab’s Interior

    When it comes to your elevator cab’s interior, style and presentation can go a long way in establishing the level of quality attached to your company name. First impressions and branding are intertwined when it comes to a company’s property, and every aspect of the building needs to be clean and tidy for the best results. If you can’t take care of your own operation, how can others expect yo…Read More

  3. The Top Signs It’s Time For New Elevator Parts Or Repairs

    From small apartment buildings to towering high rises, most multi-story structures rely on an elevator system to quickly transport employees and guests to their selected floor in a smooth, timely manner. While once polished and professional, the daily wear and tear put on your elevators can quickly diminish their aesthetics and functionality. Your elevator cab interior, for example, will see a lot…Read More

  4. Interesting Facts About Elevators From Your Go-To Elevator Company

    In our modern society, elevators play an important role in getting the public to their destination on time in a safe and efficient manner. Often, elevators are too reliable, becoming nothing more than a dependable tool until something breaks down. From apartment complexes to highrise structures, it’s important to find a quality elevator manufacturer to ensure that your building’s employees and…Read More

  5. Previewing The Components Of Your Elevator Doors

    For many business owners and property managers, presentation is a top priority for setting the tone of quality for both employees and guests. From the lobby to the conference room, every space in your building should exude professionalism. Commercial elevators serve to provide transportation for individuals in a way that is quick and convenient. You want to look the best for your guests, and havin…Read More

  6. Elevator Cab Interiors

    Previewing The Safety Features On Elevators With Your Elevator Parts Company

    Across our country, many people hold an innate fear of elevators. Whether you’re worried about being stuck in one for hours on end or terrified of plummeting to your doom at any second, it’s easy to see why the fear exists. While popular opinion holds strong sway in safety perceptions, it’s important to educate people on the overall safety of riding in an elevator cab. Kohtler Elevators is y…Read More

  7. Previewing Different Types Of Automatic Elevator Doors

    The world of elevators includes many different design elements and structural choices that work to provide the best product for each unique setting. This concept is very valuable when it comes to finding the right elevator door for your building. From telescopic to collapsible doors, there are many styles that can be utilized to best benefit a wide range of structures. Kohtler Elevators is proud t…Read More

  8. Upgrading Your Cab With Our Quality Elevator Parts

    When renovating a business, it’s important to select the right components and combinations to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance for both employees and guests. The value of utilizing quality design elements for a structure’s interior often makes any upgrade investment worth the cost. The elevator, however, is one area in the building that often goes unnoticed or neglected during the i…Read More

  9. Elevator Maintenance Tips From Your Go-To Elevator Company

    As a property manager, you are aiming to maximize your facility’s operational capabilities while reducing costs. One area that often goes underappreciated in this sector is the elevators that transport your employees and guests to their destinations on a daily basis. When an elevator breaks down, the disruption to productivity is widespread. Kohtler Elevators is proud to be one of the top elevat…Read More

  10. Elevator Door Manufacturer

    Utilizing A Quality Elevator Company To Reduce Elevator Phobias

    While the fear of elevators does not hold an official phobia in the dictionary, it is a common concept that creates a lot of despair for many Americans on a daily basis. While the causes of this phobia are many, it’s the actions we take now to minimize the fear. As one of the top elevator cab companies in the country, Kohtler Elevators is here to help! Our experienced team is here to provide you…Read More