Elevator Doors
Elevator Doors

Kohtler Elevator Industries manufactures “Commercial Leveled Grade” carbon steel of 14 gauge minimum thicknesses. Elevator Doors are rated for 1-1/2 hour fire resistance and UL labeled up to 120 ½ in of height on all of our elevator doors (single speed, two speed, center opening or multi-section center opening).

Our Door Panel Construction:
Each door consists on No.16 gauge steel corridor and a No. 14 gauge shaft panel, as well as hat-shaped stiffeners of No. 16 gauge steel plug-welded to the faces of the door. No. 14 top and bottom channels spot-welded at each end of the door. Each Elevator Door receives good grade paint on the outside.

Doors Finish:
The clad of the doors could be prime finish, painted (“powder coating finish” ), plastic laminated, stainless to the high-end multi-grain, or decorative metal elevator entrances.