Many of us have walked into an elevator only to be greeted by our own reflection from three sides. You may be continually looking at yourself from different angles, ensuring your shirt is tucked, hair is straight, and you are ready for the next meeting. You may see kids fascinated by the optical illusion of the mirrors across from each other or looking at other people through their reflection. However, if you’ve ever encountered a full-wall mirrored elevator while moving into an apartment or new office space, you may be wondering exactly what purpose they serve if you are living in momentary fear of breaking one, submitting yourself to roughly seven years of bad luck. Well, Kohtler Elevator Industries has some suggestions for when you should choose mirrors for your elevator interior, and when you may be better suited going a different route.

Where Did the Mirror Idea Come From?

A great place to start is by asking why exactly mirrors were placed along elevator cab walls to begin. Much like the idea behind easing tensions of people with elevator music, mirrors were also introduced at the beginning of elevator implementation. Initially, elevators were far slower than they are at present. Patrons who frequented the mechanical lifts cited them as being too slow, so introducing mirrors allowed for a distraction from the speed of transportation. The mirrors also combated the claustrophobia many users expressed when they were stepping into a metal box. The optics of the mirrors reflecting off one another gave the impression that the cabs appeared larger than they actually were. Having been incorporated in elevator interior design from an early stage, they became the norm for a long time.

Are Elevator Mirrors Necessary Anymore?

The old usage of mirrors in an elevator’s interior made sense. However, with these machines now quick, efficient, and known to be safe, the original design appears outdated. Rather, the focus is on quickness and efficiency in elevator transportation. If you have the need to check your appearance, sneaking into the restroom to use the mirror might be a more appropriate avenue than breaking out the comb surrounded by other people using the same space.

The practicality of mirrors in elevators is also at question. Elevators make moving large objects such as desks, computers, furniture, or large and heavy equipment up numerous stories without stress of the ability to lift it up the stairs. If the necessity to move something like a couch arises and an elevator is available, it will surely be used. Doing so, however, places the mirrors at risk. Push the couch too far, accidentally smash the wooden leg into the glass wall, and a wonderful shatter forms. This causes headaches for everyone involved and could be easily avoided by installing an elevator cab that elects to not use mirrors. Instead, a finished wood or brushed steel look will make any elevator look clean, professional, and ready for any usage.

Investing in elevators is a great option, and Kohtler Elevator Industries wants to make the process simple. Our team is here to ensure you are getting the best elevator and the best customer service in Opa Locka. Give us a call today to discover why our elevators are the right choice!