1. When is Wood Paneling Right for an Elevator?

    Whether you are refurbishing the interior of an elevator cab for an apartment building or are installing several new elevators and elevator shafts for a newly constructed building, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Not only do you need the correct elevator doors, enough lighting for passengers to see, and a working button panel, but you also need the proper interior design. Are mirrors th…Read More

  2. Choosing the Right Elevator Door

    Here at Kohtler Elevators, we are proud to offer our customers the finest wholesale, industrial elevators. From residential buildings to freight and warehouse needs, our elevators are designed to fit any need a client has. This is why we offer four different types of doors, giving customers options for both function and unique aesthetics when it comes to the elevators on their premises. You may be…Read More

  3. What to Look For in Your Elevators

    Whether you are a building owner hoping to begin renovations or you are an entrepreneur starting a business and building your own space, there are always things every building needs to have. Apart from a solid fire escape plan and good ventilation, elevators are becoming more of a necessity with each passing year. If your space has more than a ground floor, it is important you have an elevator tha…Read More

  4. Where did Elevator Operators Go?

    In our previous entry, we took a look at some of the jobs an elevator operator completed in their day-to-day tasks. From being a font of information for patrons in office buildings and department stores to knowing exactly when to send an elevator up or head down to the lobby, the days of manually operated elevators greatly benefited from elevator operators. They kept the elevator cab interior from…Read More

  5. Elevator Manufacturer Company

    Elevator Operators: Gone but Not Forgotten

    As you are probably aware, operating an elevator is as simple as the push of a button. However, long before the automated system we have inside elevator cabs nowadays, elevator operators were an invaluable part of inner-building travel and keeping the cab’s interior in order. Acting as a guide, driver, and enforcer of safety regulations, elevator operators held many responsibilities, even though…Read More

  6. Elevator Etiquette Part 2: The Ride

    In our last post, we touched on some highly desirable attitudes an elevator patron can exhibit before the journey up or down the building begins. However, that is only part of the experience. Anyone with elevator-riding experience knows that the ride itself is the longest, most crucial part of the trip. This is the make-or-break time where your ride can elevate to a great time, or can be a let dow…Read More

  7. Elevator Etiquette

    Elevator rides are commonplace in everyday life. It is more common to hear people taking the elevator than the stairs, and transporting heavy things to the top floor would not be possible without these lifts. However, we often take for granted the luxury of elevators and use them with little regard. This has potential to lead to a negative experience for your usage, as well as the fellow elevator …Read More

  8. Debunking Elevator Myths: The Door Close Button

    Being late for a meeting or doctor’s appointment is never a comforting feeling. There are never parking spots close enough to the entrance, the automatic doors seem to have forgotten how to open when you need them to, and the elevator can’t arrive fast enough. When the elevator finally arrives, you press the button for your destination floor and, hoping to get to your floor quickly, push the d…Read More

  9. When Should an Elevator Have Mirrors?

    Many of us have walked into an elevator only to be greeted by our own reflection from three sides. You may be continually looking at yourself from different angles, ensuring your shirt is tucked, hair is straight, and you are ready for the next meeting. You may see kids fascinated by the optical illusion of the mirrors across from each other or looking at other people through their reflection. How…Read More

  10. Why Elevator Music?

    More often than not, when you walk into an elevator, you are greeted by the soft sound of instrumental music. Often the object of jokes and ridicule, elevator music is associated with simply filling the empty air to lessen the awkwardness of certain situations. However, there is a great deal of history associated behind elevator music. Kohtler Elevator Industries thinks it is important to preserve…Read More