1. Debunking Elevator Myths: The Door Close Button

    Being late for a meeting or doctor’s appointment is never a comforting feeling. There are never parking spots close enough to the entrance, the automatic doors seem to have forgotten how to open when you need them to, and the elevator can’t arrive fast enough. When the elevator finally arrives, you press the button for your destination floor and, hoping to get to your floor quickly, push the d…Read More

  2. When Should an Elevator Have Mirrors?

    Many of us have walked into an elevator only to be greeted by our own reflection from three sides. You may be continually looking at yourself from different angles, ensuring your shirt is tucked, hair is straight, and you are ready for the next meeting. You may see kids fascinated by the optical illusion of the mirrors across from each other or looking at other people through their reflection. How…Read More

  3. Why Elevator Music?

    More often than not, when you walk into an elevator, you are greeted by the soft sound of instrumental music. Often the object of jokes and ridicule, elevator music is associated with simply filling the empty air to lessen the awkwardness of certain situations. However, there is a great deal of history associated behind elevator music. Kohtler Elevator Industries thinks it is important to preserve…Read More

  4. The Psychology of Elevator Design

    Whether you are installing an elevator in your new building or refurbishing your current model, it is important to think about how the design of the elevator affects the people inside of it. An elevator may seem like a simple enough piece of machinery, but when it comes to the way people use it, it actually has many nuances. To design an elevator that truly affords a better experience for those wh…Read More

  5. What to Consider When Refurbishing Your Elevator Cab

    Whether you own a residential or commercial building, when residents, tenants, or patrons enter your building, you want to be sure to make the best impression possible. But if part of their experience in your facilities involves riding in an elevator that is outdated, unattractive, or worn out, they won’t leave with the best impression. When you are considering how you want to refurbish your ele…Read More

  6. 4 Tips For Making Elevator Interior Design A Breeze

    Finding an elevator that both meets rigid code requirements and your design aesthetic doesn’t need to be difficult. At Kohtler Elevators, we carry a variety of high quality elevator products that will enable you to design an elevator interior that meets the needs of the space. Here are some ways you can make the elevator interior design process a breeze. Call us ASAP Once you have been enlisted …Read More