1. Elevator Door Manufacturer

    What Does An Elevator Say About Your Corporation?

    When we think about elevators, first and foremost we want them to be safe, reliable and efficient. Also, the presence and appearance of an elevator, including the Elevator Entrance, elevator panels and surrounding waiting area can make a big difference to peoples’ perceptions of a corporation, business or public building. Beyond using a well trusted manufacturing and installation process, the de…Read More

  2. Great Pride in Our Professionals

    Our designs for elevator cabs, elevator panels and Elevator Doors are something we are justifiably proud of. The teams who are continuing to develop and enhance these elevator components are delivering excellent and surprising innovations each and every year, which is not to be overlooked. The design skills involved are based on great knowledge, training and years of experience together with creat…Read More

  3. Elevator Doors

    Elevate Your Company

    Whether you’re looking for an entire elevator mechanism or to replace or update certain parts such as your Elevator Cabs or an elevator entrance, our long experience as a high quality elevator manufacturer means we can get the job done in a good timescale and with the highest of standards. The commitment we have to supplying, servicing and maintaining smooth operations of elevators for all our c…Read More

  4. Elevator Cab Interiors

    Elevating Your Expectations

    If you are looking for new elevator installations or upgrading your current system with elevator cabs, elevator panels or UL Elevator Entrances, then you will be looking for the highest of standards in safety and quality, together with innovative and standout design features. We have the long-term experiences and creative vision to ensure both reliable and superior results, as we have delivered fo…Read More

  5. Elevator Manufacturer

    Kohtler Elevator Industries, Inc. the smart decision

    If you’re looking for a dedicated Elevator Manufacturer or elevator products, then our long-established business run by a passionate team can take you to the next level. Whether it’s elevator cabs, an elevator entrance or an entire elevator system you need, we are here to understand your requirements and deliver the most committed service you could wish for. Our attention to detail works at ev…Read More

  6. Frequently Asked Questions About Our Elevator Parts

    The public at large relies on elevators almost daily to gain fast, convenient, and safe access to another floor in multi-level structures. From schools to offices, everyone seems to hold some fascination about their local elevators. If you are in the market for upgrades or upgrades, it pays to find a company that delivers the right elevator parts at the right price. Kohtler Elevators is here to se…Read More

  7. Invest In The Safest Elevator Parts With Our UL-Approved Doors And Entrances

    Buildings across the country rely on the safest and most reliable elevator parts to meet local code requirements while also ensuring that all guests and employees are safe at all times. If your business is in need of high-quality elevator entrances and doors, it can help to find a product that is approved by an Accredited Elevator/Escalator Certification Organization (AECO). The alternative to thi…Read More

  8. Looking For Elevator Doors? Fill Out Our Elevator Part Survey Forms!

    In the professional world, every element of your interior design needs to provide a flawless appearance to reinforce the professionalism of your brand. Shining spaces with luxurious designs can elevate the quality of your business, and it will fall on you to secure the best fit for every element in your building. If the time has come to update your elevators’ entrances, doors, and cabs, then it …Read More

  9. Human Psychology And The Quality Of Your Elevator Cab

    Regardless of what business you own or operate, components such as your elevators serve to provide safe, convenient transportation for all employees and guests. Modern units are built to run reliably day-in and day-out, but what happens when your system begins to age and break down? Unsightly appearances, strange sounds, and unexplained vibrations can all impact the experience for your workers and…Read More

  10. The Value Of Using Kohtler Elevators As Your Comprehensive Elevator Parts Provider

    As a business owner, property manager, or anyone tasked with managing the beauty and efficiency of a structure’s elevators, you are likely in search of cost-effective solutions that provide complete quality and peace of mind every step of the way. All across the nation, businesses have benefited from the comprehensive approach to quality taken by Kohtler Elevators. Our team specializes in provid…Read More