Our designs for elevator cabs, elevator panels and Elevator Doors are something we are justifiably proud of. The teams who are continuing to develop and enhance these elevator components are delivering excellent and surprising innovations each and every year, which is not to be overlooked. The design skills involved are based on great knowledge, training and years of experience together with creative flair and every attention to safety and reliability. So what is it that makes for great designs in elevator cabs and their related parts?
The elevator professional must understand the whole system, including function and exact size of all components. The field crew who fit the elevators are also highly skilled at their work, but they should not have to make any modifications to the design. The designers of Elevator Cabs often use 3-D software to work on ideas, present these ideas to customers and to see animated models of how the elevator will work. Even when replacing individual components such as elevator panels or an elevator door, this software is useful for checking the fittings and sizes are accurate.
The key to success is really in good communication between designers, manufacturers, assemblers, field crew and customers. With such a complex and important project as elevator installation, there can be no room for error or oversight. Elevator cabs must have all joints lined up and a smooth transition between different finishes. The work onsite of installing elevators should be relatively simple, as clear labelling and instructions are provided from the manufacturer. With fully functioning teams in each department, of course, the experience of working together on numerous installations brings confidence in these communications, making light work of a complex job.
The elevator cabs which you expect, attractively presented, smoothly functioning and with high safety specifications, are available at very affordable costs to many businesses and establishments. Of course there are discussions to be had and options to consider in terms of what is the best solution for each budget, and sometimes choosing different Elevator Panels or elevator door might reduce costs if necessary. The communication and planning from the outset are the things which will bring the desired results, and you should be delighted by what is possible when working with honest, competent and experienced teams of professionals.