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As you are probably aware, operating an elevator is as simple as the push of a button. However, long before the automated system we have inside elevator cabs nowadays, elevator operators were an invaluable part of inner-building travel and keeping the cab’s interior in order. Acting as a guide, driver, and enforcer of safety regulations, elevator operators held many responsibilities, even though they only wore one hat. Today, we want to revive the glory days and remind the Kohtler elevator crowd exactly what elevator operators did while they manned the cab interior, what they brought to the numerous patrons they encountered daily, and how they made modern elevators what they are now.

Can You Drive a Manual?

First and foremost, elevator operators did exactly that; operated the elevators. From opening and closing the elevator doors to ensuring the elevator reached the proper floor, operators controlled your journey from ground floor to penthouse. Elevators were manually controlled before modern innovation took place, which meant someone was needed to man the controls and ensure the speed and placement of an elevator cab. Rather than each person individually attempting to use foreign controls and not knowing where they were going, manufacturers and building owners alike believed a trained person in charge of the elevators was for the best.

Invaluable Tool

Often, manual elevators were present in places like department stores and office buildings. If there was no directory or receptionist on the main floor to guide a patron to their destination, an elevator operator would fill this need. Behaving as an attendant, the elevator operators would answer any questions, tell you what was on which floor, and get you there in a timely fashion. They would also announce the tenants of each floor upon arrival if it was an office building or shopping center, which would give anyone who was lost a better sense of direction.

This position was a great way for stores and companies to acquire some free public relations points as well. If an attendant or operator was kind, courteous, and did their job well, it reflected highly on the companies who utilized their services, which lead to happier customers and clients.

Safety First

To go hand in hand with trained drivers knowing exactly what they were doing, safety was a main concern when it came to manual elevator cabs. The design of an elevator is, in it’s most basic form, a suspended metal box held up by cables of some sort. This meant that one wrong move or motion could spell disaster for all passengers. Instead of taking this risk, a trained professional meant little to no worry when it came to elevator riders. The riders were also able to take solace in knowing the person at the helm was capable of getting them to their desired floor quickly and safely, which is important when suspended in the air in a manually run elevator cab.

While elevator attendants have come and gone, the Kohtler Elevators team knows what great services they provided during the job’s lifespan. We strive to make your elevator riding experience just as great as it would have been with an operator, which is why we create and manufacture the best elevator cabs and interiors out there. If you are looking for a quality commercial elevator at a reasonable cost to you and your business, give us a call today and see how we can help!