Elevator Cab Interiors

If you are looking for new elevator installations or upgrading your current system with elevator cabs, elevator panels or UL Elevator Entrances, then you will be looking for the highest of standards in safety and quality, together with innovative and standout design features. We have the long-term experiences and creative vision to ensure both reliable and superior results, as we have delivered for many satisfied clients. Our friendly customer service will be able to help you find what you’re looking for, and our talented team will inspire you with their cutting-edge designs and efficient work ethic.

Our UL elevator entrances are operated on numerically controlled punch press equipment, shearing equipment and press breaks which connect to a computer network for quality control by the engineering department. These are in-plant inspected to comply with the Elevator and Escalator safety code, ensuring the best levels of safety and peace of mind. Also, with our exceptional range of Elevator Cabs, we offer the highest in terms of safety, design innovation and again our computer numerically controlled machinery.

The team we have are able to assess your particular requirements and deliver the solution you need. Perhaps you need replacement elevator panels or elevator doors. Our ‘commercial leveled grade’ carbon steel of 14 gauge minimum thickness is used in all our doors, giving 1.5 hour fire resistance. The strength and safety assurance of our elevator systems naturally applies to every aspect of the system, from design and material choice to computer technology and the finishing touches. We devote our time and expertise to ensuring the best possible quality at a fair and reasonable cost. We are upfront and transparent with our pricing, and will explain all the costs before you commit.

If you have any questions about our elevator cabs, Elevator Panels, UL elevator entrances or an entire elevator installation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to hear from you and ready to help with your enquiry, whether it relates to office complexes, apartment buildings, hospitals or something else. Whether you have an existing elevator system which needs repair or updating, or you need a first time installation, we can advise on what’s available and you can also browse our online catalog for further information and inspiration.